Meta Post – Networked Media Round Up Post

Okay so this has been a while in coming, not that I haven’t been thinking about it. Reflecting on the whole blog experience I can safely say that I’m very very pleased that I am now aware of the whole world of information contained in blogs. As you can probably tell, my interests in music have really meshed well with the Web 2.0 format, and I’m still bogged by the amount of obscure free music that people post online, and that I can have access to.

In addition, in one of my first posts I was stumbling around a few blogs and touched on a really interesting topic which has gotten alot of great discussion happening though the somewhat tight-knit network of globe trotting DJ’s. While I didn’t really make use of it, that post got a comment which offered me a chance to take part in the discussion about something that I thought was only in my head. Its one of the reasons that post is one of my 3 nominated posts. It was the product of a lot of time spent thinking and click around, and for me it summarizes, in however much a small way, the democratic nature of blogging.

My other nominated post is this one, which I nominate partly because its responsible for the only real contact I had with a fellow NMP student. While our conversation was not long, it was meaningful. This post is also nominated because of its content, which I found very interesting, and for some reason kept relating back to many of the SF novels and stories I have read over the years.

My last nominated post I had a little trouble choosing. At first I wanted to make it the Jodorowsky post, because its number of hits and because I guess for however brief a time it was connected and part of the whole online “Jodoverse”. I hoped that people searching would have made their way to some of the excellent sites I linked with that post, as there is some good content that is not that easy to find. But upon reflection, I decided to nominate my post about TIMEC, which has a lot more relevance to this course, and I actually spent a while writing. In addition to being visually pleasing, I enjoyed in a sense ‘reviewing’ a site which I really enjoy, and finding out about its locus of connections. In addition, the post actually has gotten viewed and commented upon by the maker of the site! This just happened recently too.

About my blog itself I didn’t want to have a static page, so I made sure that I had some incoming feeds which included the latest 5 links from my delicious account, a collection of other pages/blogs sorted by theme (culture, film, music), a separate collection of all of my ‘web presence’, and a separate section for Networked Media Production. In addition to this I subscribed to the flickr feed of recent photographs taken from the current Nine Inch Nails tour. I wont be able to make the shows here in Australia, so I wanted a record of what I would be missing. I see this as one of the bests feature of Web 2.0; the ability to experience the variety and culture of the world with a much, much larger grasp. The photos also added a nice visual aesthetic to the the blog.

Something which took me a while to get up to date with was learning the best way to ‘tag’ something. You can see on my tag cloud that there is alot of random stuff. My posts which got the most outside traffic were able to get these hits because of the popularity of their tags and peoples search terms (Beksinski, Jodorwosky, Saul Williams, Muti-Vac) I had no idea that posting about Lord Gorman Beksinski would have such a beneficial side-effect!

As you can see by these stats, my top posts were indeed the ones with popular search terms, Jodorowsky being way out in front, perhaps because of his ‘cult film status’ and the recent release of his films on DVD. Actually just now I found a post that relates really really to the lecture that Michael gave on tags and folksonomy. The fascism of the Google Search seems to be everywhere!

Continuing with some more stats, you can see below here that by far the most traffic came by way of the NMP homepage, plus some random traffic from people searching for a Beksinski photos…

I had planned on make alot more blog posts, because I actually quite enjoy the process of composing and then researching and linking up related sites. It is a way to formalize your thoughts about something, kind of like forcing you to organize your thoughts better and in a more logical manner, for even though the post might just only ever be seen by you, you write it in such a way as to make it legible for the public.

Another thing I tried to do with this blog was pepper it with some of my own personal content, be it samples of some shows we put on, or article and pictures from the BFLA Ministry of Information (all photos in this post are from the BFLA War Ministry). Some of them actually got some traffic due to their tags like “pig death” etc. I also put up some of my other uni content, interesting essays and video’s I had to do last semester. While I’m sure there is an element of narcissism to this, I was trying to create a more personalized ‘space’ with this blog. Overall, I have very much enjoyed the experience of this blog. Once I’m in Mexico I will probably start this blog up again to keep a record of my metaphysical reality.



~ by hieronymusix on November 4, 2008.

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