The Incredible Melting Entertainment Compagnons [TIMEC]

I’ve been meaning to post on this topic for a while now. I’m really amazed at this TIMEC conglomerate. I first started using their Paris DJ’s blog as a source for new music online and superbly crafted podcasts from everything like New Orleans Jazz, Gypsy Funk, reggae and African Funk. Most of the music is from rare and old school vinyl classics, sounds amazing.

The more I clicked around I realized that Paris DJ’s was part of a larger network of music promotion, distribution and marketing made up of record labels, artists, DJ’s, journalists, graphic artists etc (the graffiti on this post is all sources from Paris DJ’s). Overall I have to say that they made really good use of the advantages of Web 2.0. I’ll go into a few details here, but given my limited experience in promotion music/events here in ACT, these guys really have their stuff down. If only I lived in Paris, I would beg them to let me contribute!

[On a side note, the best thing about England + France are all the immigrants, apart from the interesting and rich history of course]

This is how they break it down in their “Services” section:

Everything changed since Napster happened. Now, every six months, a new revolution occurs in the audiovisual web world.
Blogs, podcasts, myspace… These days it’s all about the music community business model: federate a community, feed it, and then make it profitable.
We’ve been consultants for all Internet and New Media affairs in the music business since… 1996.
Our references include consulting for AlloCiné, Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI, BMG, Wagram, Cristal Records, Ninja Tune, Tru Thoughts and many more labels, artists, audiovisual or internet companies, from the major to the smallest independant.
Being ahead of the game is what the internet is about.

An underground house music maestro asks for an easy website that’ll help him get more international booking? One year later he’s playing in Australia, Japan, Hong-Kong, Thailand, USA…
An agency asks for a relaunch of their Flashy but useless website? A few months later they’re number one on Google on their favorite keywords and get connected to new clients and suppliers.
An isolated artist needs some internet communication but doesn’t know where to start? We launch his blog with access to our channels of active music communities, and quickly quickly federate the some active opinion leaders in his field.

Their series of websites all have the same blog style format, with the same square boxes on the top and the bottom for navigation and a section on the left for posts, links, tags and categories among other things. Its a little confusing at first, but the more I use their sites, I see that they are trying to capitalize on their own little network of highly cross referenced sites. Also the blog format makes it very easy for them to maintain tight control their massive amount of content (which is being added to every week).

Each site is devoted to a different aspect of the overall business, but they all cross-pollinate. For example Tourmast, a site made for one of TIMEC’s clients, is devoted to the Tuareg band of the same name. It contains all the essentials that any band needs in order to have a successful online presence [bio/music/video/contact/press]. In addition TIMEC’s group of DJ’s and podcasters Paris DJ’s, crafted superb free mix of this type of North African desert music, starting with a track from Toumast’s debut album “Ishumar“.

Its not all good news though. They could certainly improve their sites by shifting away from the blog format and using some classy CSS, but it would require quite alot of work and not much benefit as the current set up works pretty well, even though its a little cluttered at first. Also one problem I’ve found when I try and download the Paris DJ’s podcasts is that its actually quite hard to find the direct file to download. I prefer to not use iTunes to to this music, I’m sure that I’m not alone, and a casual user would give up after a very short amount of time. These podcasts, and the occasional virtual release are really one of the main features of the group of sites, so I think they should make them easier to access. Of course they probably want people to subscribe to the whole thing, not just download one or two, so maybe its a conscious choice.

As a frequent user of digital music, I really appreciate the time that Paris DJ’s takes to make the 0’s and 1’s a little more real. The value of digital music is alot less tangable than a CD or a vinyl LP. The experience of actually make a mix TAPE, as opposed to a mix CD or playlist, is still more enjoyable. So while the sounds are still the same, you can’t hold anything in your hand. Visually, however, album covers are essential and Paris DJ’s usually include complete cover art for all tracks used in their mixes, in addition to creating special covers for the mixes themselves. You can see some examples below:

I guess that’s about it! Maybe while I’m at it I might mention Calabash Music one of the better legal music sites. its a good place to find out about a band you might have heard of, or browse the globe musically. They are also one of the major players in the Fair-Trade Online Music game…

Tune Your World has taken the model of using the Internet to microfinance small businesses throughout the world and extended it to the international music scene, in hopes of turning the hit-driven American Idol system on its lame head and engaging fans to promote and fund artists directly. Tune Your World has assembled an array of artists from around the globe working in a variety of genres who are looking to cast off conventional distribution and payments models to work directly with their fans.


~ by hieronymusix on October 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Incredible Melting Entertainment Compagnons [TIMEC]”

  1. […] excellent sites I linked with that post. But upon reflection, I decided to nominate my post about TIMEC, which has a lot more relevance to this course, and I actually spent a while writing. In addition […]

  2. Nice one!
    djouls here, I do all these websites. I’m curently gathering them all under
    your analysis is quite good
    email me i’ll tell u more

  3. Whaou !
    It’s rare to find someone who understand enough to explain to others.
    I’m a friend of djouls, a fan of Timec since the first times.
    Thank’s for this nice piece of post.

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