Cumbia Exhibition – Round Up Post

So I’ve decided to do the online exhibition for the assignment. Leaving the Jodoverse, I’ll be doing it on CUMBIA, a type of really interesting Colombian folk music which I really dig. Lots of possible content, perhaps maybe too much. I’ll be using alot of audio, obviously, and photos, plus a few interesting YouTube videos. The blog is still NOW COMPLETE AND READY FOR VIEWING!

The rationale can be found here also.


It took alot longer than I had originally planned actually, and my perfectionsit tendandies did not help as I found myself fiddling with HTML and font size for hours. One thing I do regret is being forced to use the Blogspot plataform as it added to the work because its HTML coding is really aimed at a very low denominator and I found myself continutally fixing and editing the posts over and over again.

The reason I had to switch from WordPress to Blogspot was because, as it was an exhibition about music, I really wanted to have playable music content. After a little searching and seeing what some of the other music blog’s I visit use, I settled with Yahoo Media Player, only to realize that WordPress does not allow the JavaScript from that particulate application (thanks to SAMY, my eternal nemisis).

The exhibition turned out pretty well, considering. Some of the things I had wanted to do to improve functionality I was unable to do because of my limited knowledge of Javascript, but hopfully it succedes in its aims.


~ by hieronymusix on August 27, 2008.

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