Alejandro Jodorowsky

I’ve been meaning to do a post about this topic for a while. I’m considering doing the first assignment for Networked Media Production as an online exhibition of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s creative works. I’m also considering doing my cultural studies research project on his films, but I’m having some trouble developing a specific research question. Either way, he is a highly interesting topic for a blog post (as you can see here, here, here and here!)

I first became aware of his work when a friend told me about this crazy movie he saw on SBS late one night. I have a genetic predisposition to watching crazy films and so after some research I decided to purchase the recently released Jodorowsky Box Set. Great timing as his films were stuck in legal limbo until 2007, and were only available in low quality versions. Since then I’ve fallen under somewhat of a Jodorowsky obsession, devouring his graphic novels, films and books.

There is a wealth of information about him and his creative works to be found online and sifted through. This is a great article which gives a overview of his work.

It’s strange but almost every single interview I hear or read with Jodorwosky is highly amusing and interesting. His perspective is very refreshing. In this interview he touches on the themes of my previous post about human evolution and conciousness:

Interviewer: Are you optimistic about humankind’s future?

Jodorowsky: Civilization can come to an end. But I believe that if man was created, it’s not because man wanted to exist, it’s because the universe wants consciousness. And there are all these threads of the universe working for us in order to make a new mutation. We are creating a new brain. Because we have three brains, no? The Reptilian, the mammalian and the cerebral cortex. We will make a fourth brain. We are monkeys now, but this will be rearranged. If we don’t do that, our children will do it. Without a revolution, without anything. The next generation will change everything…

For a unit last semester I made a 1 min film which was in a large way inspired by The Holy Mountain. In the mean time no post on Jodorowsky would be complete without a clip from The Holy Mountain and an interview with the man himself:


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