Convict Colony

Saul Williams – Convict Colony

This is the new Saul Williams film clip. His first one was for a cover of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. I wrote about it for a class last semester which  I finally managed to put it up here for someone to plagiarize. This song was actually written while Saul was in Sydney and relates to his take on the Indigenous people’s of this country.

[From Ninwiki: Saul Williams on Convict Colony]

Obviously, Australia is a Convict Colony. In my estimation so is the US and few other “allies”. I was mad at the lack of Aboriginal people I was seeing out and about Sydney. The projects in RedFern looked exactly like the projects I grew up around, with people getting high or drunk on the stairwells, hanging clothes to dry out the window etc. I even had a bunch Aboriginal kids walk up to me and tell me excitedly that they were niggers too. I wanted to write something they could scream at the top of their lungs.

Very psychedelic, great visuals. Film clips are a really interesting medium. The internet and YouTube in particular have really given them a new life as there was a time there when it looked like they might be on the decline. Now seems like clips can be made at a fraction of the cost, and they can be shown to literally millions of viewers without the involvement of the record/tv industry…

[from: DIY Video; How The Detroit Music Scene Is Seen on YouTube on Model D]

Indeed, bands are hardly just about making records and playing gigs anymore. And long-gone are the days of adventurous MTV programs like “120 Minutes” and “Alternative Nation,” where some independent bands were given the chance for their videos to see the light of day (or, rather, the dark of night, as most of these shows only aired in the wee hours in the morning).
With the advent of social networking sites like MySpace, and the feeling of immediacy that comes with YouTube, Detroit artists are hardly worried about their videos seeing the light of day on media giants like MTV and Fuse.
With the surge of YouTube and all its cousins, however, it’s anybody’s game. And who needs the big guys anyway, when uploading a video is as simple as a few clicks and some coding?

It’s one argument for the continued romance that we have with technology, its powers of democratizing and liberalization by its undermining of the Techno-Giants of this universe!


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