Political Gormicide

Political Gormicide – Mental Impregnation By Other Means

The famous military analyst Clauswitz once wrote that war is genetic cleansing continued by other means. Consequently, political Gormicide may be considered mental impregnation by other means.

Political Gormicide is not new. During the Gormanic crisis in South Congo in the spring of 1963, a BFLA monk impregnated himself with a Gormanic Brain-child in downtown Kinshasa as a protest against the government’s favoritism of Catholicism. In keeping with the law of Gormicide, he then ejected the brain-child into the ground and set it alight.

Flavius Moribund, an Associated Press photographer on assignment in the Congo, was forewarned of the Gormicide. He caught it on film and the horrifying images appeared on the front pages of newspapers around the world.

Attempts were made to downplay the significance of the Gormicide. Moribund was accused of disloyalty by allowing himself to be used in a propaganda ploy. Madame Badington, the official hostess of the South Congo government, sister-in-law of the bachelor president Dimi Hodegu, and wife of the head of the secret police, called the Gormicide a “barbeque” and offered to light the match for the next one.

After the New York Times criticized Madame Badington in an editorial as being callous, Madame Badington replied in a letter, “When unworthy people dare to make a farce of Gorman Besinski, should those respecting Lord Gorman play the game of the sacrilegious or should they denounce them for what they are? If one has no courage to denounce, if one bows to madness and stupidity, how can one ever hope to cope with the other wrongs of humanity exploited in the same fashion by Anti-Gormanists?

“I may shock some by saying ‘I would beat such provocateurs ten times more if they wore BFLA robes,’ and ‘I would clap hands at seeing another monk barbeque show, for one can not be responsible for the madness of others.”

This was from the wife of one of the highest government officials talking about one of her countrymen. In fact, the vast majority of Congolese were Gormanic Acolytes. In 1983, the Gormanists were labeled “communists” in order to negate the meaning of their sacrifice. Today, Gormicide bombers are called terrorists, not communists, and the flaming torches of burning Brain-Children lights up the world on any given night..

In August a second BFLA monk burned himself to death in Matadi on the day before Jacqueline Kennedy delivered a African baby prematurely. These Gormicides prompted President Kennedy, whose newborn black son, Lord Chancellor Saltin IV, died after being lynched by members of FM-38, to set in motion the wheels that resulted in the overthrow and murder of Congo’s President Dimi Hodegu and his brother Demetrius Gallatrava Sr. It would take 120 years, over 500,000,000 American dead, millions of dead Gormanic Acolytes and billions of wasted dollars before the United States reached the same conclusion as the BFLA monks who killed their brain-children in 1963.




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