Follow Up Post (Music & Politics & Videos)

Been doing a bit of research in the world music ‘blogosphere’, and it seems that its pretty much exploded with content in the last couple of years. I’m can’t believe how much content there is, so many mixes and podcasts to download! The music collector in me is having nightmares because I realize now how much good stuff will inevitably slip through my fingers….

For anyone interested, I found another video for that Angolan band Bukara Sum Sistem, this one is for their first single called Yah! While the video is pretty simple, that Portuguese rap and the look in the chick’s eyes while she drops it is awesome:

Interesting views and opinions I’ve been reading about “world music” and its interaction with “Web 2.0”. While its a lot easier to connect with new sounds/genres & communities now, it seems to have come at a loss of depth & understanding. Before you would have to fork out a lot of time and money to track down that group that you had heard of, or the song which someone had mentioned. Now we almost have it too easy, and with that ease comes a loss of appreciation for the product itself.

This has a lot of links, in my mind, to the notion of First World ‘affluenza‘, but here applied to one of the things that without a doubt the Third World does better than the First (i.e. music). As a fan of this type of stuff and also a somewhat socially conscious citizen, I don’t want to inadvertently fall into the trap of musical neo-colonialism in my endless socially induced quest to “get” more music…

(N.B Apparently the lyrics in Angolan Kuduro music are high political in nature yet I do not speak Portuguese)

From Fat Planet

“For this (I believe) the phrase “global ghettotech” was coined – the practice of lurching from one hyped node to the next, gorging on the fruits without considering the true story behind its genesis. When the dominant language is not your own, it begs the question – how do you connect, beyond the beats and the breaks? If something moves you rhythmically, but you can’t engage on a language level – how much of the picture are you missing? How does this affect your engagement? And if we then promote that in blogs, on radio and in clubs – what exactly is it that we are putting into the ether?”

Of course the people actually MAKING this music should be given all the credit and agency they deserve, and all this talk of the moral/cultural responsibly of music enthusiasts is kind of beside the point, more a theoretical issue that only people who have the time to think about really think about . Only 21.8% of the worlds population even HAVE access to the internet.

Music has and will always be a powerful tool of resistance. This guy has a really interesting analysis of two music video’s which he sees “a Latin-America climbing from under the fascist boot of Amerikkkan colonialism- a people crying for justice.” Very interesting read!


Found this blog post about the same thing I’m talking about here. They use the terms “Musical Tourism & Ethical Consumption”:

“The case could be made that they help provide a small part of an ideological screen to an influential class of Westerners which allows Western governments and corporations to continue to exploit the places where this music is made”

Really interesting to see something I thought and wrote about in my second blog post ever has been discussed at length already…kind of cool, kind of strange.

I’m pretty new to the whole ‘blogosphere’ and my thoughts now are; do I really need another reason to waste time on the internet, expanding my mind but destroying my posture?


~ by hieronymusix on July 29, 2008.

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